April 15, 2018 - A Story Retold (Discipleship Challenge: To the Cross and Beyond part 2, sermon 2)

How many times do you need to hear something for it to stick?  How many times would Jesus' life story need to be retold in order to change the world?  Part of Paul's mission was to tell his story, God's story, and the story of how they intertwined to every person who would listen.  He traveled far and suffered much for the sake of God's call on his life.  We are invited to retell our stories, too, in order to show others how God works in us and in the world.

A LifeReborn.png

April 8, 2018 - A Life Reborn (Discipleship Challenge: To the Cross and Beyond part 2, sermon 1)

Acts recounts the meteoric growth of the early church despite conflict among followers of the Way and opposition from communities of Jewish people outside the church.  In Acts 9 Saul switches from ardent opposition to the church to one of its greatest preachers, teachers, and church planters because he encounters the risen Christ on the road to Damascus.  Christ interrupts Saul's life to call him to become Paul.  What is Christ calling you to do?  How are God's better plans interrupting your human plans?