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Status:            Part time

Hours:            20 hours per week

Summary of Duties:  The director of youth ministries is responsible for the leadership of ministry to youth, grades 6-12, with the ultimate goal of helping the youth to live Christ-centered lives.  This leadership includes working with the youth ministry team, managing the program, enhancing youth fellowship opportunities, nurturing the faith of youth, encouraging outreach by youth, and deepening discipleship opportunities of the youth.


1.     A personal commitment to Jesus Christ through enthusiastic leadership of youth ministry.

2.     B.A. degree from accredited college or four years of experience working with students.

3.     22 years of age or older

4.     Familiarity with social media and other technology commonly used by youth.

5.     Acceptance of Wesleyan faith principles

6.     Administrative and organizational skills

7.     Ability to interact with people of all ages

8.     Ability to provide counseling to youth and mediate conflicts

9.     Adherence to all Child Protection Guidelines, including screening volunteers prior to their involvement in the ministry, and the reporting of violations to the proper authorities, in accordance with Indiana law.


1.     Administrative:  The director shall perform the following administrative duties:

a.     Develop a youth ministry team.

b.     Generally supervise all ministry programs for youth

c.     Develop and conduct all ministry programs for middle school and high school youth

d.    Encourage youth participation in community programs

e.     Make reports to the Staff-Parish Committee and the Senior Pastor as requested. 

f.      Screen, train, and provide support for a steady and consistent group of adult role models who volunteer in the implementation of the youth ministry programs.

g.     Keep parents and the Church informed as necessary using the newsletter, email, and other appropriate means of communication.

h.    Keep within budget limits.

i.      Attend Administrative Council meetings. 

2.     Spiritual:  The director has the following spiritual obligations

a.     Maintain regular Sunday worship attendance.

b.     Develop personal relationships with the youth.

c.     Be present at the activities of youth in school

d.    Stay informed regarding the school calendar and events.

e.     Participate in summer camp programs offered by the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church.

f.      Participate in the Upward Soccer program.

g.     Participate in continuing education opportunities relevant to the job responsibilities.