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Easter 2018 (April 1) - Love Lives

Easter morning changed the world, even if most of the world didn't notice.  Even the people who were witnesses to the resurrection struggled to believe it was real and to process the consequences Jesus' continued life.  Luke 24 reveals the surprise of the woman who were first to see the empty tomb, and the skepticism the men had when they first heard.  This sermon reminds us that love redeems the love far more than coercive power.


Palm Sunday 2018 (March 25) - Love Leads

Luke 19 tells of Jesus' triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, the city where he would be crucified.  The people who waved the palm branches and shouted hosanna expected something completely different.  They wanted a new king to rule them, and the Romans, with God's all encompassing authority.  Jesus led differently.  This week we are reminded to"be the donkey" and take Jesus wherever we go.